Danny Acosta is one of the industry’s most respected agents. Experienced, professional and results driven, he was raised in the Hawkesbury with unmatched local market knowledge and over 15 years of real estate experience in successfully marketing and selling residential, commercial and acreage properties at record prices. Danny now brings his expertise to the Hawkesbury region where he and his family call home.
Consistently recommended for his integrity and sincerity, Danny’s long-term clientele and incredible sales record both provide steady evidence of the focus he places on each and every client. Friendly, individual and timely service, with regular property updates and client communication (as well as informed advice), are but a few elements of his client support. But it’s more than just his personal approach that has established him as an industry leader.
Known for his authority and regularly exceeding client expectations, Danny's passion for property is evident in his ability to read the market and stay one step ahead of industry benchmarks. His articulate, well-developed negotiation and communication skills establish him as authoritative without being pushy. Regardless of whether clients are buying or selling, he provides, forthright advice.
As a member of the Agency Plus team, Danny works closely with other professionals to ensure a collective approach to your property sale or purchase. Sharing a devotion for the industry without compromising on customer service, the alliance is a strong one.
Enjoy the support of one of the industry's leading agents with the backing of the most innovating and respected real estate agents in the Hawkesbury region.